K-12 Education

Traill County schools have high graduation rates, favorable student-teacher ratios, and outstanding performance. Schools serving Traill County are listed below:

entralValley.jpgCentral Valley School

Central Valley School is located between Buxton and Reynolds, and serves students in both Traill and Grand Forks counties. The Central Valley guiding mission is commitment to educational excellence for students, staff, and community; achievement – enhancement – involvement.


atton.jpgHatton Public School

Hatton Public School District's mission statement is “To provide students opportunities to learn through activities, in proper balance with academic endeavors, the attitudes, knowledge, and responsibilities necessary for meeting lifelong challenges.”

illsboroHigh.pngHillsboro Public School

The mission of Hillsboro Public School's is to provide a safe environment where students develop skills to function productively in society. The Hillsboro community takes pride in being a family of respectful, responsible, safe, enthusiastic, and lifelong learners. It is committed to developing each individual’s talents and capabilities to the fullest. Hillsboro Public School has separate high school and elementary buildings located just one block apart.

PCG_Elem.jpgMayville-Portland CG School District

The May-Port CG School District includes the communities of Mayville, Portland, Clifford, and Galesburg. Its mission is C.L.E.A.R. to Challenge, Learn, Empower, Assist, and Respect. MPCG strives to produce citizens who can effectively communicate, gather and use information, make responsible decisions, and adapt to the challenges of the 21st century. The Mayville Portland CG School District has separate high school and elementary buildings.