Living & Working







Traill County is progressive and financially stable, catering to the things that people want and need at the center of their lives – jobs, faith, education, and recreation in close-knit communities.

Retail and service businesses cater to the needs of residents. Anything from hardware and coffee to fast food and from-scratch baked goods can be found here. There are also businesses and organizations that specialize in leisure activities such as movie theaters, bowling alleys, water parks, an equine arena, museums, and camping. The business community is growing and poised for the next stage of growth with a solid infrastructure, including first-class communications and transportation.

Traill County has outstanding healthcare options and pharmacies to keep you healthy and feeling good! There are dentists, chiropractors, massage therapists, and an optometrist. Traill County also has a number of fitness centers and group fitness classes to keep you in shape!

The quality of life in Traill County is something that you and your family will enjoy. For more information, click on the links below or contact the Traill County Economic Development Commission at 701.636.4746 or