Young Professionals



The mission of the Young Professionals Network is to enhance the culture for young professionals in the Traill County through professional development, entrepreneurship, community service and social networking; to create new opportunities for members; and to connect members to organizations in the Traill County community.


Create: Proactively create environments and programs that allow for linkages between one another and within the community.

Connect: Actively pursue partnerships with businesses, non-profits, service, professional development, media, cultural and entertainment organizations to help deliver opportunities that are already taking place within the community.

Community: We believe in the Traill County community, and we believe that it can be an attractive place for young professionals. With Young Professionals, the community will have a solid partner and asset for the future development of Traill County.

How it all began

As a group of young professionals sat around the table discussing the limited involvement opportunities for them and their peers in Traill County, the concept of the network was born. The conversation revolved around the need to create opportunities to meet peers, cultivate entrepreneurial spirit, increase professional development opportunities and help provide a channel for young professionals to become engaged in the community.