Traill United Group


Traill United Group 2016 Investor Application

Our Mission

The mission of Traill United Group (TUG) is to grow and diversify the economy in Traill County, N.D. through the attraction, retention and expansion of employment opportunities. Our long-term goals are to grow employment opportunities, population, and tax base to strategically position our communities and businesses to better compete in the global economy, to facilitate the creation of high-paying jobs for our students and existing workforce, and to retain graduates of our higher education institutions.

To accomplish those goals, we work to attract, expand, and retain primary-sector businesses by:

  • Actively pursuing technology, agricultural and manufacturing companies
  • Marketing Traill County as a prime location for expanding or relocating businesses
  • Facilitating access to, and assisting with applications for, financial incentive and employee training programs for new and existing businesses
  • Providing statistical data to business decision-makers and site selectors
  • Initiating and facilitating business infrastructure improvements
  • Building partnerships with city, county, state, and federal agencies and elected officials to develop programs and opportunities for employers

We have an excellent product to sell. Traill County and companies located here benefit from a business-friendly environment, a well-developed and reliable infrastructure, an exceptional higher education institution, and a culture of hard work and collaboration.

Together, We Can Make Growth Happen

Economic development success is spurred by collaboration between public and private sectors investing in Traill United Group and supporting a shared vision for a vibrant regional economy. We’re working to build a business community that is more of a force regionally, but can’t - and don’t - do it alone. It requires a coordinated, community-wide effort with many partners involved, including your company or organization.

Your investment in economic development means:

  • New customers and/or new suppliers for your service or product
  • New residents which may become new employees for you, new families for your neighborhoods
  • A growing tax base which supports community improvements

Annual investments are used to:

  • Recruit and retain businesses that bring new wealth into the region
  • Support workforce training and recruitment initiatives
  • Market the region’s economy to potential clients
  • Educate and inform the region’s residents about economic development activity and results
  • Coordinate local and state resources to customize support to companies considering expansion or relocation in the region

Invest in Traill United Group - What’s In It For You

Any business that invests at least $250 per year to Traill United Group is a qualified member (investor).

From the 50,000-foot level, your investment in Traill United Group benefits everyone – your family, your neighbors and your business. Every time we help improve the business infrastructure, provide incentives that keep an existing business in Traill County or entice a new one to the community, it means more families, more jobs and more spending, and it all makes for a stronger economy.

Looking more closely, there are also immediate and tangible benefits. When your company or organization invests in Traill United Group and our priorities, you will receive:

  • Eligibility to nominate individuals for service on our Board of Directors
  • Eligibility to serve on our Board of Directors, Executive Committee and Nominating Committee
  • Free use of the Welcome Traill Website to advertise jobs and promote your business
  • Access to the Community Experience Program, which provides community tours and information for job applicants and their spouses
  • Annual Economic Indicator & Cost of Living reports
  • Access to planning and update meetings related to Traill United Group initiatives and projects
  • Recognition in our annual reports and other marketing materials

Investment Levels

Emerald: $20,000+
Diamond: $10,000+
Platinum: $5,000+
Gold: $2,500+
Silver: $1,000+
Bronze: $250+